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27th-Jun-2010 12:43 am - get out of my head!
What would she have done if Romeo had left her, not because he was banished, but because he had lost interest? What if Rosealind had given him the time of day and he'd changed his mind? What if, instead of marrying Juliet, he'd just simply dissapeared?
I thought I knew how Juliet would feel...
She wouldn't go back to her old life, not really. She wouldn't ever have really moved on, I was sure of that... Even if she lived untill she was old and gray, every time she closed her eyes, it would have been Romeo's face she saw behind her lids. She would have had to accept that. Eventually.
I wondered if she would have married Paris in the end, just to please her parents, the keep the peace. No, probably not, I decided. But then, she story didn't say much about Paris. He was just a stick figure-a placeholder, a threat, a deadline to force her hand.
What if there were more to Paris?
What if Paris had been Juliets best friend? Her very very best friend? What if he was he only one she could confide in about the whole devestating topic of Romeo? The ONE person who really understood her and made her feel halfway human again? What if he was patient and kind? What if he took the very best care of her? What if she just couldn't survive without him? What if he really loved her and needed her to be happy?
And... what if she loved Paris? What if Juliet loved Paris? Not as much as Romeo, of course, but enough that she needed him to be happy too? If Romeo was really gone never coming back would it have mattered whether or not Juliet had taken Paris up on his offer? Maybe she should have tried to settle into the leftover scraps of life that were left behind. Maybe that would have been as close to happiness as she could get.
1st-Feb-2009 07:21 pm(no subject)
I listen for secrets hidden in whispers... in the winter time and catch them tickling my whiskers... colliding with wind chimes, the kind that send shivers... up and down tingling spines.

thinking time could stretch if...

we'd spin a design inside our web that would catch drifts, the type that blow out birthday candles before we make our death wish.  I'm waiting for a message in my calling so I'm checking my voice mail, and I'm answering machines with man-made dreams.  man made bandaids to cover up the seams.  The cover-up seems to only work if the wound never opens up or bleeds.

Beads of sweat form above the eyes of a heathen emperor who won't get on his feet and step outside into the freezing temperature.  he wants to adjust the global thermostat, but he's so remote... and you can't control the world like that.
9th-Jan-2009 11:31 pm(no subject)

28th-Dec-2008 12:44 am - 212121212121
happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to meee! happy birtthday I'm going to drink until I blackout and lol you I'm drinking a big red robin glass filled all the way with vodka, sugar and koolaid I'm going to be in a coma, happy birthday to mneeeee

I love hazel

10th-Feb-2008 05:27 pm - I am so fucking bored.
Copy and paste this:
1. The age you will be on your next birthday...
Twenty one

2. A place you'd like to travel?

3. Your favorite object:?

4. Your favorite hobby?
the list

5. Your favorite food?
stuffed shells

6. Your favorite animal

7. Your favorite color
pale green

8. The town in which you were born:
cafe de france, the only bar left in lacoste

9. The town in which you live:

10. Name of Past Pet:
oblong daddy-o

11. Hottest Celebrity?
brandon boyd

12. Love of your life?
I have no idea what this means, but it made me lol hard.

13. Your middle name:

14. Your last name:

15. A bad habit of yours:

16. Your first job:

17. Your grandmother's name:

19. your nicknames:
3rd-Dec-2007 11:09 pm - crack is whack

my favorite part is the dude at the end.  enlarge the photo and check out his expression.
"something is very wrong here, but I don't know what it is"
16th-Jan-2007 07:21 pm - immortal technique
"Nobody loves you more than me carino" is what the letter said. "By the time you get to read this, I'll probably be dead. But when you left in '97 a part of me went to Heaven. I thank God at least I got to know what love really was, but it hurt me, to see what true love really does. 'Cause even though we never made love, you were all that there was. It was because I loved you so much that I had to make you leave. You made me doubt the way I thought, you made me want to believe and then I slipped up, and I let you get close to me. It was hard to not be openly when people spoke to me, this was not the way I thought my life was supposed to be. Baby don't you see, I had a blood transfusion that left me with HIV. Hoped the end exists for me since late in 1993. I died a virgin, I wish I could've given myself to you. I cried in the hospital because there was no one else but you. Promise that you'll meet me in paradise inevitably. No matter what, I'll keep your love forever with me"

What happened for the rest of the day is still a blur. But I remember wishing that I was dead, instead of her. She was buried on August 3rd, the story ends without a sequel and now you know why Technique, don't fucking fall in love with people.
Hold the person that you love closely if they're next to you. The one you love, not the person that'll simply have sex with you. Appreciate them to the fullest extent, and then beyond.
'Cause you never really know what you got, until it's gone
28th-Dec-2006 10:49 pm - sage
maze broken. she's running. feet swollen. he's coming. cheese stolen. and before he even knows it...she's gone.  tea cups sitting on the hollow tree stumps. he's dumped and can't even seem to swallow these lumps. the beat goes on. same fire. new passion. old flame traded in for a summer fling. it's nothing like that sweet old song. tip over root, the trees bend. the leaves blend in with the open wound. the freeze frames keep him warm. the day's frost that's scraped off. the weight loss. the new sign that says "keep off" as he speeds off into the storm.

out of spite, the lightning strikes him twice. he's peaking out on the pike. cheating life. peeling out on the lawn. now he's idling and time is dwindling. in his mind he's figuring out life's about the little things. and his labyrinth, in all its magnificence, can only keep the mice trapped.

the princess is innocent. she doesn't belong.

they had a ceremony where he put her in a bridle. the head stall.

she stopped to think for a minute and in a split second went awol.

he'd draw in the chin as an expression of resentment or scorn. he's pulling on the reins. the bridle. the shower. the storm. the maze. the high tower. clouds are at war. the reigns, the bridle, the shower, the storm. the maze, the high tower, clouds are at war. the clouds are at war.... the clouds are at war.

"i never thought i'd miss you"
15th-May-2004 01:11 am(no subject)
Mønti Pythøn ik den Hølie Gräilen
Røten nik Akten Di
alsø wik
alsø alsø wik
Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër ?
See the løveli lakes
The wøndërful telephøne system
And mäni interesting furry animals
Including the majestik møøse
A Møøse once bit my sister...
No realli! She was Karving her initials øn the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law -an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: "The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink"...
Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti...
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